Psychic Night at the Loudoun Museum

October 27, 2018 @ 6:00PM — 10:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

This year's event will be a twist on the annual Hauntings as we welcome a local Psychic to perform readings at the Museum.

Psychic Night at the Loudoun Museum image

Join Us for Psychic Night at Loudoun Museum - Sat Oct 27th


A twist on Loudoun Museum's annual Hauntings Tour, this year the Museum welcomes Leesburg Psychic Cindy Miller to our historic Odd Fellows Meeting Hall. Located in the intimate second story of the Museum, the Hall will provide the backdrop for individual and unpredictable psychic experiences with our town's local psychic.

Leesburg local Cindy Miller has been working as a psychic for over 25 years. For Psychic Night, she will welcome groups into the Odd Fellows Meeting Hall. These group reading offer messages from family and friends who have passed over, as spirits comes through with very personal, detailed messages and "evidential" information for participants. For lack of time, there is no opportunity in a group to ask questions. However, before the group, it is suggested that you "ask" your question to your "spirit" and see if they will bring the answer through for you, through Cindy, in the reading. Many times they will.

In addition, more spiritual activities, such as tarot card readings, will be taking place next door at the historic Log Cabin. Together, these events will provide a fresh twist on the Museum's October activities, as we continue to celebrate and promote the history of the town and buildings.

Tickets for Psychic Night are limited - get them before they are gone!

PLEASE NOTE: Odd Fellows Meeting Hall is NOT wheelchair accessible. Participants must be able to go up and down one flight of stairs.